About Us


I am Fiona, founder of Plastic Free Vibes, and very excited to welcome you to embarking or continuing on your journey towards plastic free and sustainable living!

A few years ago, while sitting in my favourite meditation spot, my eyes almost popped open as I had a sudden revelation. It's time to start a new venture. Be true to yourself again and move more to your green roots. It certainly felt completely right. However, living in accordance with ones thoughts and feelings is so much more tricky!

I have been working in the corporate legal world for years, in international finance/banking, and living a parallel life involved in international environmental law, where my heart and soul is. Practising in the corporate and public space, and living in the 'real world', I know that individual action on the local level, each small step at a time, is and can be very powerful to create change.

There are so many ways to live in a green way, living mindfully, with your heart at the centre of your actions. I had been having that niggling feeling for some time that it's time to do something that has direct individual impact - helping myself and people who find it so hard to be "green", even if the will is there: Busy families, students, hardworking employees, entrepreneurs, or bosses, all folk who have little time to think about whether a consumed product has a Plastic Footprint, or whether there are climate change implications or other factors that might be harmful, to be considered when purchasing our daily products that feed us, clean us and help us live happily and with ease.

My first step was to start a small facebook community - the Reduce Your Plastic Footprint group - documenting my journey towards creating a less plastic-infused lifestyle for myself and my family.

After 18 months of being involved in that, I realised I could do more - reach more people who, like me, have struggled to live in a sustainable, lower impact, even zero waste, way.  I know all too well how difficult and challenging it is to actually follow-through when you are working full-time, studying, looking after a family, or just plain crazy busy.

So, here we are on Plastic Free Vibes, continuing my steps to being true to myself and aspiring to help others live more sustainably and so help protect the environment. I hope you will find it helpful, as I build this new site where you can find tips on living with less plastic and in some instances, plastic free (yes, it's possible!), and creating easy access to products that will assist your journey towards plastic free and more sustainable living. Let's continue to take positive steps together for our generation, our children and future generations - and of course, for Our Planet.

Here's to Positive Change! 

Fiona x