Week 4 of Plastic Free July

Last week of Plastic Free July! Here are 7 more steps

for Week 4 (can't believe it's already end of July!):

* 1 * SELF CARE: After all the hand washing we do these days, taking care of our hands and the environment is possible: use hand cream in plastic free tins.

* 2 * BEAUTY: When using cotton swabs, use those which have a biodegradable cotton stick.

* 3 * RELAX: Ditch the tea bags..and drink loose leaf tea instead, using a stainless steel strainer. It tastes so much better (I admit I've become a bit of a tea snob!) and it's so much better for all.

* 4 * SUPPORT THE LOCAL ECONOMY: Say no to take-away plastic cutlery and bring your own cutlery, be it stainless steel or bamboo.

* 5 * Bring your own container to the take-away shop - check before you go but usually they are happy to put the food into your container!

* 6 * Make your lunch and bring it to work (or school) in a reusable container.

* 7 * YOU DID IT: To congratulate yourself on the plastic free swaps you've achieved this month - buy yourself flowers wrapped in paper at a local flower shop (to avoid the plastic wrapping often found at the larger shops).

It is hard to comprehend that around 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our amazing oceans every year - as WWF says, it kills and harms marine life. With the circle of life, of course, anything affecting our seas and waterways also impacts human health and hormones, for example through eating seafood and drinking water or using sea salt.

Plastic Free July is almost over, and I hope you are feeling energised and hopeful that you can continue on your plastic free journey! Remember, keep it small and your journey will be so much easier and more fun - and more sustainable.

Get in touch if you need any pointers or recommendations on how to get started with each nugget above! 

Love, Fiona x

Photo by Brett Meliti on Unsplash