Week 3 of Plastic Free July - Cleaning and grooming

The next 7 steps for Week 3 of Plastic Free July focus on Cleaning & Grooming

* 1 * My favourite plastic free cleaning item is the wooden washing-up brush - it was one of my earlier switches, and I've not looked back! Works just as well as a plastic washing -up brush, and they come with changeable brush heads, are biodegradable and very easy.

* 2 * Following closely on the above, was the discovery of washing-up soap! yes.. it exists and it's beyond easy to use. Just let it live on a bed of pebbles so it can dry out well between washing-up cycles to avoid it from disintegrating.

* 3 * For the simple cleaning (ie when it's not necessary to kill every bug possible), use non-food grade white vinegar (preferably from a bulk shop, refill you glass bottle) with bicarbonate soda (available in a cardboard box). It makes for a good fizzy cleaning mix and creates a lovely non-toxic and clean result.

* 4 * When it comes to body-cleansing, loofahs are the most fabulous find. Completely natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. Just remember to give them a good wash in the washing machine once in a while and replace regularly to avoid bacteria from growing (like any sponge)..

* 5 * Ditch the cotton wool rounds (usually wrapped in plastic bags) and try out the reusable brushed cotton make-up removers. I have crochet-ed a few and am rather partial to the brushed cotton ones, too! Wash them in a mesh bag so you can find them after the washing cycle!

* 6 * Use a lovely bamboo hair brush with bamboo bristles and silicone cushion.

* 7 * Ditch the single use razor and opt for a stainless steel safety razor - it will last a lifetime and does just as good a shaving job.

There are plenty of others... but it's all about starting with the small steps. I'll eventually be stocking all of the above to make it easier for you eco-warriors. It took me quite some time to find items that I liked and that do a good job. The key to sticking with this plastic free journey is to stay patient and kind with yourself. Change happens gradually, so I hope you enjoy the process!

I'm keeping these tips short as I know how little time we all have these days. Please get in touch if you need any pointers or recommendations on how to get started with each nugget above! 

Love, Fiona x