Week 2 of Plastic Free July

The next 7 steps for Week 2 of Plastic Free July focus on Food:

* 1 * Order your fruit and veg from local farm shop that delivers in cardboard boxes without (or very little) plastic, such as Abel & Cole, Riverford, Oddbox, Crowdfarming or others (this isn't an ad, just love them!) and top up your bottles and containers at your closest Bulk food shop.

* 2 * Get your milk in a glass bottle from the milkman - they also have orange juice in a glass bottle.

* 3 * Pick your own vegetables and fruit at a farm, if you are lucky enough to live close to a PYO farm.

* 4 * Grow your own vegetables or herbs - it all starts with a window sill!

* 5 * This is one that I struggle with: Bake your own bread if you feel up to it. I've been thinking of investing in a bread machine... watch this space!

* 6 * Release your inner baking or patisserie god or goddess.. making your own cakes and biscuits is a lot cheaper and healthier! if your cookbooks are in storage (that would be me!) or you can't get to the book shop, sign up for online classes, it's a lot of fun :-)

* 7 * On movie night, make your own pop corn, it tastes so much better...

You may be saying - this is going back to the Stone Ages! I don't have time to bake and make! you'll see, as you continue on your less plastics journey, suddenly you'll have more time as you receive farm deliveries (no more long trips to the shops, lugging home your bags..), shop for less as you start focusing on the less plastic items, and so have less trips emptying the bin...

I'm keeping these tips short as I know how little time we all have these days. Please get in touch if you need any pointers or recommendations on how to get started

with each nugget above! 

Love, Fiona x

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash (@seantookthese)