Week 1 of Plastic Free July

First 7 easy steps to start your first week of Plastic Free July

* 1 * Remember your Reuseable water bottle

* 2 * Bring your own reusable bag to the shops

* 3 * Ditch the plastic straw altogether or use a metal, bamboo or glass straw instead

* 4 * Use a Bamboo toothbrush, bye bye nasty plastic toothbrush

* 5 * Reusable coffee / tea cup

* 6 * Soap, the easiest switch in the world (kiss goodbye to the plastic bottle shower gels)

* 7 * Bulk plastic free toilet paper (recycled paper, of course! no wiping away of the Great Northern Forest!)

See! it's not that difficult, at all! You've accomplished so much in just 1 week - take one small step a day, and you'll be Plastic Free in no time!

Get in touch if you need any pointers or recommendations on how to get started with each nugget above!

Love, Fiona x

Photo by jcob nasyr on Unsplash