The Holidays and Wrapping Paper

The Holiday Season is here!  and with it thoughts of giving and presents and wrapping those lovely gifts, follow...

In the UK alone, it's been reported that 108 million rolls of wrapping paper are used during the Holidays. That's approximately 227,000 miles worth of wrapping paper - some argue that's enough to go round the equator nine times - most of which ends up in the bin.

Thus, in the spirit of creating less waste this season, I thought you might like some sustainable gift wrapping ideas which will help you take a few more plastic free steps by saying bye bye to the shiny or glittery (=contains plastic) wrapping paper that cannot be recycled - and, instead:

* Use brown Kraft paper or recycled paper - which can be recycled and decorated by hand or with stamps (though, beware, I have yet to find a plastic-free ink pad).

* Find, knit or make some nice Christmas bags, such as the "Santa bags" made by my lovely friend Marie in Richmond-upon-Thames (not an ad, I just love them) which you can reuse again and again. By the way, I will be adding some of Marie's lovely FSC-paper Christmas cards on my shop this evening - so excited!

* Use your nice tea towels, scarfs or napkins (or give a new one to function as a simultaneous present) - or even use a nice pillow case, or left over fabric, and tie them up Furoshiki style (I promise to add a post about that next year - there, I've said it!).

* Repurpose your newspapers, magazine pages, or chiffon paper - it looks lovely tied with a natural string or twine (made of jute, hemp or coconut) - and enhanced with a twig of holly, pine or dried lavender.

Give it a go! some of you will no doubt already do the above, so have fun with creating new ideas for Earth-friendly present wrapping... I can say with certainty, you will find it truly satisfying to clean up after present-opening time and realise that everything can be reused or recycled.

Have a lovely weekend, filled with fun, festive cheer and joy.

Stay safe!

Fiona x