***Closing down sale***

Dear Planet Lovers and Eco Warriors,

It's been a while! ... Happy New Year! I hope you are doing very well!

On my end, if you follow me on Instagram this won't be a complete surprise, but I have news: I've moved country (yes! I can barely believe it myself, even if I've been wanting a new adventure for a while now!). I followed my husband (for his job) with our daughter and now settling into another culture on the outer rings of Berlin (Germany...). This has been a mixed bag for me - interesting to be living in a new part of the world, yet at the same time missing beloved Richmond-upon-Thames, the UK and our friends and community there. Also, I've been having to find new solutions as regards how to run this small business!

And therein lies the issue... With Brexit and the new export/import rules and the many taxation challenges... I'm faced with the very sad reality that my little business is not workable while it's based in the UK (if I'm living here in Germany!)...

So, it's with a very heavy heart that I'm closing up shop - and having an "EVERYTHING MUST GO! SALE". Use code "PLANETLOVE" for 50% off all items until 29 January 2022 after which Plastic Free Vibes will cease trading.

We have over 150 products so have a look if you can find anything to help you along your plastic free journey. I love them all and I’m truly sad that I am unable bring Plastic Free Vibes with me to Berlin…

BUT..... dare I say it's not completely good-bye as I am determined to give birth to this baby again, in an EU-reincarnation. So, watch this space...! I'll be in touch when I'm ready! ... of course, please let me know if you would rather not be contacted once I am set-up again.

Thank you very much for all your support of my very beloved small business, for being an ecowarrior and, most of all, a planetlover. It has kept me going during these funny times, to know that there are lots of fellow beings who are keen to make a positive difference in our world and create a more sustainable
future and way of living. Here’s to many more steps towards a plastic free world!

I will be continuing on Instagram (@reduceyourplasticfootprint) and on Facebook (find me on "Reduce Your Plastic Footprint" group) and I will still bring more ideas to you on how to reduce our plastic footprint – so please follow me if you don’t already do so and let’s spread the plastic-free love!

Until soon I hope and sending you lots of love, light and happiness, and above all, good health.

Fiona x

Above photo Randall Ruiz on Unsplash