A new way of living

3 December 2018 - Sitting in my favourite meditation spot, my eyes almost popped open as I had a sudden revelation. It's time to start a new venture. Be true to yourself again and move back to your green roots. It certainly felt completely right, though I quickly realised that it is so easily thought and so easily said. However, living in accordance with ones thoughts and feelings is so much more tricky!
There are so many ways to live in a green way, living mindfully, with your heart at the centre of your actions. I had been having that niggling feeling for some time that it's time to do something that has more impact - helping myself and people who find it so hard to be green, even if the will is there: Busy families, the hardworking employee, entrepreneurs, or bosses, all those folk who have NO TIME at all to be thinking about whether a consumed product has a Plastic Footprint, or whether there are climate change implications or other factors that might be harmful, to be considered when purchasing our daily products that feed us, clean us and help us live happily.
So, my first going-back-to-being-green was that I started a small facebook community - the Reduce Your Plastic Footprint group - to start documenting my steps towards living a less plastic-infused lifestyle.
After over 18 months of being involved in that, it made me realise - I want to do more - reach more people who like me, have struggled to live the "Reduce, Refuse, Recycle or Reuse" way. I know all too well how difficult and challenging it is to actually follow-through when you are working full-time, looking after a family, or just plain crazy busy - while rushing to the shops, trudging home through the rain (or snow or in the sun), stuck in traffic, tired, hungry and ready to eat or buy anything that makes life easier - regardless of its packaging, impact or provenance - and when it's so easy and forgivable to forget about our own personal impact.
So, here we are, my next step to being true to myself and hoping to help people and the environment. I hope you will find it helpful, as I will slowly try to build a new site where you can find tips on living without (or less) plastic, buy products that will help you live a more plastic-less life more easily and hopefully make you feel like and know that you are doing something for our generation, your children and or future generations - and of course, for Our Planet.
Fiona x